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Pushing Air is an evening of music, soft-sculpture, and textile robotics presented in two parts. In the first section of the evening, presented in Kresge Theatre, the musicians of Exploded Ensemble will be joined onstage by robotic performative sculptures designed by the students of Kinetic Fabrics.  Together, Exploded Ensemble and Kinetic Fabrics explore concepts of oscillation, polyrhythm, and complex pattern-making.

In the second section of the evening, the musicians of Exploded Ensemble move to Alumni Concert Hall where they will be surrounded by architectural scale artworks designed by the students of Inflatables and Soft Sculpture.  Together, the inflatable sculpture and abstract music/sound create an immersive space for the audience to explore and interact with.

Kresge Theater (Exploded Ensemble)

1.The Mote in God’s Eye, is Full of Eyes - Zachary Novack
2. Mushrooms/Fruits/Stars/Moon/Buildings - Shambhavi Mishra
3. Drops Pt 1. - Yujin Ariza
4. Drops Pt 2. - Yujin Ariza
5. House on the Beach - All

Kresge Theater (kinetic fabrics)

  1. Martha Cryan and Stephanie Huang
    2. Zeja Copes, Lexi Yan, and Catherine Yu
    3. Anna Gusman and Jules Przybylska
    4. Sarika Bajaj, Nathan Naylor, and Jean Zhang
    5.Matthew Henderson and Timothy Nelson-Pyne

ACH (Exploded Ensemble)

1.Poly-poly (overture) - Zachary Novack
2. Overtones - Yujin Ariza
3. Poly-poly - Zachary Novack
4. Overtones (reprise) - Yujin Ariza

ACH (Inflatable sculpture)

Cloud #159 - Victoria Ding, Lucian Hodor, and Joseph Paetz
M O N O L I G H T S - Daniela Delgado, Elena Deng, Austin Garcia, and David Kleiman
Caterpillar - Sue Lee, Julia Nishizaki, and Eliza Pratt
Raindrop - Molly Boerner, Rebecca Enright, and Stephanie Smid

Exploded Ensemble is Carnegie Mellon University's experimental music research wing.  In creating our concerts we consider an "exploded view" of how music is composed, performed, and presented - examining the details of each piece and part before putting it back together. In Pushing Air the musicians have composed 90 minutes of original music that reflect on the concepts presented by their visual collaborators: oscillation, amorphous form, fluidity, and structural complexity.

Yujin Ariza - electronics, violin
Daniel Brennan - voice
Sophia Burnham-Lemaire - voice
Mauricio Gil-Silva - electric guitar, prepared piano
Yijin Kang - violin, otamatone
Eugene Li - keyboards
Adrian Mester - percussion, electronics, beyblades
Shambhavi Mishra - saxophone
Zachary Novack - percussion, electronics, keyboards
Joseph Santillo - sound design, plants
Gabriel Whitney - saw
Brooke Ley - omnichord
Ivy Lucas - euphonium
Ian Young - electric guitar, voice
Qingzhou Zhang - keyboards

Jesse Stiles - director

Kinetic Fabrics brings together the fields of robotics and textiles to explore their unified creative and expressive potential. Students in this course bravely traverse this wide-open frontier for kinetic art, wearable art, and architectural installation. Tonight you will see the premiere of newly developed performative systems that combine fabrics and robotic technologies in unusual ways for a stage show.

Instructors: Olivia Robinson and Garth Zeglin

Inflatables and Soft Sculpture students created a transformative installation of architectural scale inflatables, playful "toys", shelters, and a "forrest" of music reactive forms. The students works transform the ACH in a way not experienced before. Some of the inflatable pieces are interactive and some are not. Please look for students wearing strips or bands of inflatable material to ask about interaction with their inflatable piece.

Instructor: Olivia Robinson