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Subsurface: CMU's second annual underground art and music exhibition is beautiful and bizarre

[JEREMY REYNOLDS, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

"It was an aggressively captivating experience, equal parts beautiful and bizarre. Visual artists took full advantage of the lengthy tunnels, distorting perceptions of space and shadow with sequential light displays and roving projections. The closed-in nature of the tunnel created for some breathtaking shadow-play. The musicians wandered among listeners, playing into microphones that broadcasted to networked speakers throughout the mine."

Screenshot 2018-05-02 00.25.56.png

'Snoozefest': CMU concert explores music to sleep by

[JEREMY REYNOLDS, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

"Between this sleep-themed concert and the concert in a nearby limestone mine last fall, CMU’s Exploded Ensemble is proving itself one of the city’s most creative musical performance groups."

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Review: CMU students stage weird art festival in limestone mine

[JEREMY REYNOLDS, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

"inconceivably vast... dramatically lit... an outlandish new tradition"

20171202 CMU_Subsurface_17.JPG

CMU takes art underground with audiovisual experience SubSurface

[Meg Fair, Pittsburgh City Paper]

"On Dec. 2, a group of Carnegie Mellon University creatives shuttled a crowd of curious travelers from CMU's campus to a limestone mine for a subterranean exploration of sight and sound. The location had been turned into an underground storage facility, but for a night it was repurposed into a deep, winding gallery, a space through which light and sound travelled in interesting and unexpected ways."

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Musicians and artists host underground arts festival in old limestone mine


"On Saturday night, 108 Carnegie Mellon University students and faculty plus performance art fans traveled an hour and 15 minutes from the CMU campus in Oakland to experience the region's first underground arts festival."



[Apeksha Atal, The Tartan]  

"a truly unique musical experience... thought-provoking and performed with a combination of electronic music and acoustic instrumentation... stunning..."